You think she made a mistake.You want to tell her but she won’t listen.

Yet you go to try your luck. 

You speak up. She denies.

You hold back yourself. She taunts.

You control. She taunts more.

She doesn’t want to but it is human nature.

To bring the devil out of the man.

You lose your cool.

You blast out. So does she.

You taunt. She taunts.

Now it starts.

Dead topics are brought to life.

All the exes and sexes are mentioned.

Things get worse. 

You both know it’s wrong. You both want to stop.

But the ego goes on.

She shouts. You shout.

She shouts louder.

You swear.

She leaves.

The sudden moment of realisation hits you like a bolt. The words that you had said had hit harder than rocks. 

You recall. You regret. You repent.

You break the glass, you tear your hair.

She is not going to be back.

It is unimaginably painful. You cannot believe it.

You get depressed. You start thinking.

Wait… wasn’t it her mistake.


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