Your dream

You know it is very difficult. You cannot handle the pressure. You are not meant for so much study. You know it is not your cup of tea. But still you go for it…
All your friends are doing it. I got the same marks as them. They cannot be wrong. Everyone does it. Anyone can do it. It is easy. Even your parents want you to do it. And isn’t it the only way to get paid well? And if not that then what else? These are the explanations you give yourself.
Take a deep breath and look inside. Is this your passion? Is this your dream? Is this what your life is meant for? Look deep and you will find the answers. 
Let me tell you, you are NOT made to live somebody else’s dream. It is your life. Live for yourself. Follow your passion. Don’t fall a prey to the society. Who said intelligent people can’t pursue non-technical streams? Who said that your marks decide your career ? The satisfaction of doing what you like is much more than that of getting a hefty pay package. And moreover who said that you don’t get paid doing what you love?
If you don’t know what your passion is, make a list of things that make you happy. It can be anything from gymming, styling, cars to acting, sports & politics(yes I just said politics..!). Cut the long list down to three top points and there you have the purpose of your life. Go ahead and pursue it. There is nobody to stop you! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Your dream

  1. They say life is all about the money, because that’s what gives you respect in society, that’s what keeps your family happy and that’s what makes you undeniably think that you are successful. Just another question I ask, is the person himself happy only doing his job for the money. Is making others happy enough for him??? It is it something more he wants in life??? You never know. You cannot wait now, you might just lose it all or atleast there’s a fear to lose it all, (yes I said a FEAR to lose it all. )


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