100 days!

Hey guys! It’s been a ton days since I started this blog and I’m extremely overwhelmed by the response it has received with literally no marketing. I started it with a simple aim of showcasing my writings to the world and it seems that I write well(I’m a narcissist). In this short period of time, nearly five hundred people visited this blog with about 1.5k hits. Though the number is small compared to most commercial blogs, it is great for a teenage boy’s personal blog. This only goes to show that I  have at least a group of loyal readers who come back and read the posts regularly. This is a shoutout to these people. You are awesome!

Also a request to the same ones, since you are the ones who like it. Please tell as many people as you can about my blog because hey, everyone should get to read this. The best publicity is by word of mouth. And you guys can help me doing it. So please, please spread the word to all. From now on its we not I who represent this blog. And it’s to all of us to see that this blog gets 10k visitors in the next 100 days. And don’t forget to stay awesome!😊


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