The night was sweet.

Pleasant cold breeze blew.

The moonlight dazzled the scene.

Stars provided the sparkle,

Completing the backdrop of the nigh.

His hand was clasped in hers,

As both looked up at the heavens.

Adoring the beauty of the skies,

And making wishes for their nuptials!



The way you swayed in the field,

The way you curved the ball,

The way you zoomed past defenders,

The way you made us tall.

You were the reason we watched all matches,

You were the reason we fought our friends,

You were always our only hope,

You were the only star!

Our memories are attached with you.

Our hearts contain you.

One loss doesn’t define,

A brilliant legend like you.

We trust in you as we always did, 

That you will come back and keep our pride.

To run over stupid haters,

With your mighty stride!

Why did you do this to us King ?

Of opponents you made a satire,

Oh Leo why did you retire?

100 days!

Hey guys! It’s been a ton days since I started this blog and I’m extremely overwhelmed by the response it has received with literally no marketing. I started it with a simple aim of showcasing my writings to the world and it seems that I write well(I’m a narcissist). In this short period of time, nearly five hundred people visited this blog with about 1.5k hits. Though the number is small compared to most commercial blogs, it is great for a teenage boy’s personal blog. This only goes to show that I  have at least a group of loyal readers who come back and read the posts regularly. This is a shoutout to these people. You are awesome!

Also a request to the same ones, since you are the ones who like it. Please tell as many people as you can about my blog because hey, everyone should get to read this. The best publicity is by word of mouth. And you guys can help me doing it. So please, please spread the word to all. From now on its we not I who represent this blog. And it’s to all of us to see that this blog gets 10k visitors in the next 100 days. And don’t forget to stay awesome!😊

In real!

I lay on my bed sipping coffee and surfing the internet on my phone. Unaware of the surroundings and unbothered about the future. My room locked from inside, so that no one disturbs. This way I spend hours and hours, drenched in the virtual life and quenched by the social media. My mum and dad think that I’m studying. No shame I have of what I’m doing to them and worse to myself. I think about it some times. Decide to change many times. But the lust of the virtual world and being perfect in the fake life doesn’t let me move. My phone seduces me every time my books call me to love. The addiction is worse than alcohol and smoke. They kill your body, this kills your mind!

But I have decided to change. No longer will pleasing online people replace me pleasing my parents. Never again will I choose my phone over the wonderful books. I promise that I’ll not use my phone behind locked doors, tricking my parents. Because I’ve decided to live in real. To make friends in real. To get followers in real. To chat in real. To get likes in real!

Sail and fly

Let not the world cut your wings,

Cause you are a bird, born to fly high.

Let not the world tamper your sails,

Cause you are the sailor, meant to tread the ocean .

No matter if you bruise your wings,

You will learn to fly.

No matter if hit the rocks ,

You will learn to try.

Once you succeed, all haters will be gone.

Once you prosper, nobody will whisper.

But remember this and soak it well,

Don’t let your winged days go in vain. Once gone no gold can buy them back! 

People are Innocent 

People are innocent.Not all wicked and evil.

Look at their face to find out.

All equally uninformed.

No matter how tough on the outside,

Everyone is naive inside.

Faking to be strong and hard,

So that they don’t lose guard.

Covering their innocence from the world,

Suffering but not saying a word.

The next time you see a person,

Observe him keenly.

Traits of innocence scattered all over. 

And then you will realise what I was talking about,

And even you will join my shout .

Be yourself! Be innocent!

Somebody Else’s 

They were always together.Since childhood.

Played together, fought together.

Loved each other deeply.

He listened to everything she said 

And fulfilled her every wish.

He protected her and took care of her.

Time passed and both grew up.

They still loved each other but had no time.

Engaged in their respective lives.

Until one fine day when she was to get married.

She came to him and hugged him tight.

Both of them cried.

Weeping, she waived goodbye and went away.

He was still shaken.

Hardly could he explain to himself that his sister has gone to someone else’s house.

Become somebody else’s.

No longer will she be with him,

To talk, fight and love.