I love you

They paused before her house. He looked at her face. She looked at his. He wore a bright smile. The smile made her blush. Her dimples shone and eyes twinkled. The stars and the moon reflected her charm. The only sound was of the soft breeze that blew. The quietness made her feel uncomfortable.

“Say something!” she said.

He took a small step forward and held her gently by her waist. Looking at her lips, he bit his own. Then turning his gaze to her eyes he said

“I love you.”

There in his arms, she found paradise. And as their lips made contact, she escaped reality.


If I could ever…

Her bright face calls me every time I look at her. 

The pretty locks and her bright temple. 

I talk to her not but waive hi and goodbye.

Her distant smile beams through my day.

I think and only think of her all night.

I wonder if I could ever,

Go to her near and grab her hand

Look into her eyes and hold my breath.

Tell her that her pretty dimple has taken away my sleep from me.

Tell her that her gorgeous eyes have swept me off the ground beneath me.

Tell her that her charming smile takes me onto cloud nine.

Tell her that I want to make her mine forever after.

Only if I had had the guts.

To be fearless and to open up.

Walk up to her and speak my heart. 

That I love her forever and ever.


I was lost in the smell of her hair spray. Her scented long locks spread the essence. I couldn’t take my eyes of her fair white arms. Fairer than the word itself. Glimpses of her face when she looked aside to her friend. That’s all I could enjoy of the beauty, from behind. She was thinking. Then scribbling. Then writing. Then scribbling again. Her actions very intense. I hesitated to call her, but anxiously took her name. She turned around and looked at me, I blurted out ‘pen’. In another series of intense actions she put her pouch before me and asked me which one. Still comprehending the beauty of the face I said ‘any’. Confused but still pretty, she pulled out two and put them on my desk. Turned back. Again scribbling, again writing and again spreading essence.