In real!

I lay on my bed sipping coffee and surfing the internet on my phone. Unaware of the surroundings and unbothered about the future. My room locked from inside, so that no one disturbs. This way I spend hours and hours, drenched in the virtual life and quenched by the social media. My mum and dad think that I’m studying. No shame I have of what I’m doing to them and worse to myself. I think about it some times. Decide to change many times. But the lust of the virtual world and being perfect in the fake life doesn’t let me move. My phone seduces me every time my books call me to love. The addiction is worse than alcohol and smoke. They kill your body, this kills your mind!

But I have decided to change. No longer will pleasing online people replace me pleasing my parents. Never again will I choose my phone over the wonderful books. I promise that I’ll not use my phone behind locked doors, tricking my parents. Because I’ve decided to live in real. To make friends in real. To get followers in real. To chat in real. To get likes in real!