That day his ego was bruised. He was shattered. He swore to give it back to their faces. He was shivering with anger and resentment. His eyes were red and his face was covered with tears. Their nasty words had pierced his heart. Several aggressive retorts kept flooding his mind, but he chose to remain silent. He shut his eyes tight and tried to maintain a neutral expression. Water still kept seeping through his closed eyelids.

In the background, a parallel or rather anti-parallel thought process had begun in his mind. Was he really going nowhere? This question kept haunting him. After a heated exchange of words, he had locked himself up in his room. He now contemplated the events as they had unfolded. He had taken the insults onto himself and now was eager to prove them wrong. But what could be possibly do? All this was an entirely new ballgame for him.

But he was determined. He was going to do it. And as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. An opportunity sprang out of nowhere.

If I could ever…

Her bright face calls me every time I look at her. 

The pretty locks and her bright temple. 

I talk to her not but waive hi and goodbye.

Her distant smile beams through my day.

I think and only think of her all night.

I wonder if I could ever,

Go to her near and grab her hand

Look into her eyes and hold my breath.

Tell her that her pretty dimple has taken away my sleep from me.

Tell her that her gorgeous eyes have swept me off the ground beneath me.

Tell her that her charming smile takes me onto cloud nine.

Tell her that I want to make her mine forever after.

Only if I had had the guts.

To be fearless and to open up.

Walk up to her and speak my heart. 

That I love her forever and ever.