Heart not free

And though he had got over her, he could never outgrow her love. The thought of her warmth still made him comfortable. Maybe he had convinced himself that she will never be his, but he can never get rid of her impression on him.

Now he looked for her in every girl he met. His heart yearned for the same spark again. And this is probably the worst place to be. The person ready to love but heart not free.


Too late

She liked me and I think I liked her too.
But none of us had the guts to speak out the truth.
We kept meeting everyday, We kept seeing each other.
Everyone else in the room could see it, everyone else but us.
I think I had made up my mind a couple of times,
But backed out.
I think even she tried,
But couldn’t.
Friends kept insisting and I kept delaying.
I don”t understand what was so tough.
Just three words…
Time was fleet and we didn’t meet.
Until one fine day,
She came to me.
I had decided to say it today.
I grabbed her hand and fell to my knees.
Asked her,’I love you and will do it always. Will you be mine forever?
With equal love she looked into my eyes,
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Too late‘, she said as she pulled her hand out of mine,
Her ring came out in the motion.