The night was sweet.

Pleasant cold breeze blew.

The moonlight dazzled the scene.

Stars provided the sparkle,

Completing the backdrop of the nigh.

His hand was clasped in hers,

As both looked up at the heavens.

Adoring the beauty of the skies,

And making wishes for their nuptials!



She was mad at him.

But he was stubborn.

They loved each other.

But not more than their egos.

They fought day and night.

But they also loved day and night.

Why they did it they didn’t know.

Why don’t they just let it go?

One day it all lost bounds.

She threatened and so did he.

Shouts and swears were hurled.

And also were things.

The heat of the exchange reached the zenith.

And something wrong happened.

‘DIVORCE’, she shouted.

‘DIVORCE’, he shouted louder.

And they both walked in cross directions.

There before young eyes was innocence slaughtered.

Childhood crushed in the war of words.

The child wondered what was his mistake.

Did he trouble mum too much or nagged dad a lot?

Did he asked for too many chocolates or did he not sleep early?

But more than this he thought of one thing,

If he could get his mama’s soft hand and dada’s strong arm together…