I love you

They paused before her house. He looked at her face. She looked at his. He wore a bright smile. The smile made her blush. Her dimples shone and eyes twinkled. The stars and the moon reflected her charm. The only sound was of the soft breeze that blew. The quietness made her feel uncomfortable.

ā€œSay something!ā€ she said.

He took a small step forward and held her gently by her waist. Looking at her lips, he bit his own. Then turning his gaze to her eyes he said

ā€œI love you.ā€

There in his arms, she found paradise. And as their lips made contact, she escaped reality.



The night was sweet.

Pleasant cold breeze blew.

The moonlight dazzled the scene.

Stars provided the sparkle,

Completing the backdrop of the nigh.

His hand was clasped in hers,

As both looked up at the heavens.

Adoring the beauty of the skies,

And making wishes for their nuptials!