He lay on his bed, behind the locked door of his room. Face down and in tears. The lights were out and it was nearing midnight. His weeping was the only sound heard, other than that of the ticking clock. His body was getting warmer and he was perspiring. But this didn’t seem to affect him. Thoughts about his fight with his parents preoccupied his mind. They had insulted him again. He had done badly in another test and they thought he was good for nothing. This was not the first time this had happened. Every such fight was followed by a storm of escape and suicidal thoughts in his mind. Every time he decided against them by convincing himself that his parents are right in their place. But not this time. Their words had pierced his heart.

“I’m not killing myself,” he said to himself. “Suicide is for the weak of the heart! And I’m not weak.”

He was a young man with warm blood. In an emotional outburst, his adolescent mind made an impulsive decision. He pushed his body upright and switched on the lights. First, he washed his face . Next, he opened his wardrobe and pulled out a suitcase. He started filling it with his belongings. His actions gave away his intentions. He put on his hoodie and stuffed his pockets with his phone and his bike keys. He was ready to go! He thought of leaving a note but cancelled the idea as nobody would care anyway. Making sure all were asleep, he left his room and the house. His unsuspecting parents were probably dreaming about their son’s bright future.

It was raining outside. The chill made him shiver. Rain drops had gathered on his bike and the breeze had made the handles cold. Undeterred, he took out his bike and headed to a specific destination. His body trembled when its warmth came in contact with the frozen handles. The rain drops hit his face as he rode. But he seemed to be oblivious to the weather.

Brakes were applied under a building in a housing complex.  It was midnight now. Reaching out for his phone in his pocket, he dialled a number. A sweet female voice said hello from the other side.

“Please can you come down for five minutes?  I’m waiting,” he said. 

“Now? My parents would not send me”, she said. 

“Just this one last time ,” he said.

“Umm..Okay,” she said confused.

The sweet voice was of his love. His one and only crush ever. He liked her a lot. But she did not reciprocate the feelings and had rejected his confession. They were great friends though. She came down and stood below the construction of the building to avoid the rain. Seeing her, his face automatically lit up. He got off his bike and brushed his hair with his fingers, approaching her. He greeted her with a warm smile and just stood looking at her face. Her face left him spellbound every time.

Little annoyed, she said,” What is it?!”

He began in his husky tone,

“This is probably the last time I will ever see you. So I HAVE to say all this. I like you and I like you a lot. And I’ll probably never like anyone else again. But I also know that you don’t have the same feelings for me. So can I get a farewell hug before I leave, so that I can live with its memories for the rest of my life?”

Unable to understand the gravity of the situation, she carelessly said,”Where will you go stupid? “

She hugged him tight and he hugged her tighter.

The hug made his smile ever more charming. And with the charming smile, he waved goodbye to her. And leaving behind all his life, he faded into the oblivion.


In real!

I lay on my bed sipping coffee and surfing the internet on my phone. Unaware of the surroundings and unbothered about the future. My room locked from inside, so that no one disturbs. This way I spend hours and hours, drenched in the virtual life and quenched by the social media. My mum and dad think that I’m studying. No shame I have of what I’m doing to them and worse to myself. I think about it some times. Decide to change many times. But the lust of the virtual world and being perfect in the fake life doesn’t let me move. My phone seduces me every time my books call me to love. The addiction is worse than alcohol and smoke. They kill your body, this kills your mind!

But I have decided to change. No longer will pleasing online people replace me pleasing my parents. Never again will I choose my phone over the wonderful books. I promise that I’ll not use my phone behind locked doors, tricking my parents. Because I’ve decided to live in real. To make friends in real. To get followers in real. To chat in real. To get likes in real!

Your dream

You know it is very difficult. You cannot handle the pressure. You are not meant for so much study. You know it is not your cup of tea. But still you go for it…
All your friends are doing it. I got the same marks as them. They cannot be wrong. Everyone does it. Anyone can do it. It is easy. Even your parents want you to do it. And isn’t it the only way to get paid well? And if not that then what else? These are the explanations you give yourself.
Take a deep breath and look inside. Is this your passion? Is this your dream? Is this what your life is meant for? Look deep and you will find the answers. 
Let me tell you, you are NOT made to live somebody else’s dream. It is your life. Live for yourself. Follow your passion. Don’t fall a prey to the society. Who said intelligent people can’t pursue non-technical streams? Who said that your marks decide your career ? The satisfaction of doing what you like is much more than that of getting a hefty pay package. And moreover who said that you don’t get paid doing what you love?
If you don’t know what your passion is, make a list of things that make you happy. It can be anything from gymming, styling, cars to acting, sports & politics(yes I just said politics..!). Cut the long list down to three top points and there you have the purpose of your life. Go ahead and pursue it. There is nobody to stop you! 🙂